FOOD // Cafe de Jaren // Amsterdam

After a productive trip in New York City, I arrived this morning to my favorite city in the world... Amsterdam! People always say how could anything be better than the Big Apple? And unless you've traveled here for longer than a week you really would never understand the beauty this city has to offer. Highly recommended.

One of the first cafés I've ever checked out during my first visit to Amsterdam 3 years ago, was this café in the heart of Amsterdam called Cafe de Jaren. So to cure both the jet lag, and awful memory of the airplane food, I decided to stop by my favorite place for an early lunch. 


The café has a pretty epic outside terrace right on the canal, and usually is never crowded. Today's great Fall weather was perfect to take advantage of it.

I ordered a warme chocolademelk met slagroom, aka a hot chocolate with whipped cream, (although there's really nothing quite like a dutch hot chocolate), and a smoked salmon with horseradish, yogurt, dill, lemon on a fresh baked ciabatta. They have some pretty great toasties too, as well as a great wine selection. If you're ever in Amsterdam make sure to check out this hotspot, you won't be disappointed!

Café de Jaren
New Doelenstraat 20-22
1012 CP Amsterdam 

FOOD // Zankichi // NYC

(Photo courtesy of @newyorktimes)

(Photo courtesy of @newyorktimes)

This speakeasy Japanese restaurant is located in the heart of Williamsburg, and is changing the whole restaurant game.

I arrived to the corner of North 6th and Wythe Street, got out of the car with my friend Zack. We looked around confused wondering if we had the address wrong... he insisted it was this building on the corner, that to me, from the outside, looks like a wooden warehouse or something. We tried one door, it didn't open. We walked along looking for a door we thought was non-existent. We pushed on the other door and entered this maze like atmosphere of jazz like music, and downtown Tokyo vibes.

"Opened in November 2006 by a homesick Tokyo-native, Zenkichi is a modern Japanese brasserie providing an authentic dining experience of popular Tokyo establishments."

We were escorted through the hall of mirrors, by booths with curtains and drapes, to a booth of our own concealed by two orange drapes. On the end of the table, was a small card and a button that stated something like, "We protect your privacy, please hit button below when service is needed." I pushed the button to see if it was real, then boom, she popped through the curtain and began telling us the 50 types of Sake they had. We ordered a sampler.

I forgot to mention as you walk by the Reservation desk there's a big sign that says "PHONES ON SILENT OR TURNED OFF." Yes, that also meant NO WIFI. So it's kind of like a phone-less dinner and it was really refreshing.

For more information check out their website (, and if you want a reservation make sure you call at least 1 week in advance!

77 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, 718.388.898