TRAVEL // Saint Martin x January 2015

This trip was one of the most life changing experiences I have had in a while.

Now I bet you hear that and you're like well that's dramatic, how can it change your life? Well besides the incredible views, beaches, people, memories, music, the fact I quit smoking during the trip - it left me with a new life-style that actually is saving my life. I began to understand the power of gratuity, manifestation, and meditation.

My mind has always been programmed, or so i thought, to always think negatively, in fear, and It had left me very unhappy for a while. It affected my relationships, motivation, work, basically EVERYTHING! This trip gave me the time to learn first hand the importance of the saying "What you put out into the universe, comes back", kind of like karma, but more powerful. Anyways, I'll leave some links below if you are interested to learn more, all I wanted to share with you was that I'm much happier and your constant support has been so appreciative!

Here's some links to some of my favorite inspirational speakers on the Laws of Attraction and Power of Meditation: Abraham Hicks,  Alan Watts, and Rhonda Byrne